We offer to review the sustainability opportunities for your site and assist you in selecting the most appropriate project or kit home to maximise those opportunities.  For individual one-off home designs we can advise whether the preliminary concept takes advantage of the site and aspect. This service is best used before proceeding too far into detailed design .

Benefits of the service

A house design that has been chosen to suit the site and positioned to make best use of sustainability features will provide improved comfort, light and functionality. Some of the benefits of using our advisory service at the outset are:

When to use our review service

In Australia the majority of new homes are project homes bought “off the plan” after viewing at display villages. Sometimes the new home is placed on the site with insufficient recognition of the best aspect (i.e. orientation of the living areas) and sustainability opportunities that the site has to offer.

If you are developing a site for more than one dwelling please contact us for a separate service and fee quote.


To access our Quick Sustainability Review Service

Step 1

Select the type of review and report you require and download the appropriate application form or if you are unsure which service to use contact us with the INQUIRY form below for more information.

Step 2

Pay our fee by Electronic Funds Transfer or post a cheque . Refer to the application form for our postal address. We will issue a tax invoice on receipt of payment to your  email address.

Step 3

Send us by email attachment or post the following information

  • The application form for the service you have chosen

  • Notice of your EFT payment OR a cheque enclosed with the application form

  • A drawing showing the site dimensions and the location of North (map grid North)

  • The available drawings and information listed on the application form of the house with plans and elevations (if available)

Within 3 working days of receipt of your payment and drawings we will send you by email our sustainability report in PDF format.


SITE SUSTAINABILITY REVIEW (site only - no house design yet)

 $77 per site (including GST) covers the following points:

Download a SITE REVIEW application form


$99 per design (including GST) covers the following points:

Download a SITE & HOUSE REVIEW application form