new apartments and townhouses

In NSW all Class 2 (two or more dwellings) require a BASIX Certificate at DA stage. Councils may determine that some boarding houses (Class 1b) may also require a BASIX Certificate

Some developments have a mix of residential units (requiring BASIX assessment) and commercial buildings (requiring a BCA Section J assessment).  For instance a retirement village with Class 2 Independent Living Units (Class 2 = BASIX Certificate) and a Nursing Home (Class 9c = Section J report).

1. BASIX MULTI-UNIT SERVICE by Archidoc (NSW only)

The BASIX Multi Unit Tool assesses Water, Thermal Comfort and Energy efficiency of individual dwellings as well as common areas, garages, lift lobbies, and lifts, landscaping requirements and more.

Only the Simulation method can be used for the Thermal Comfort sections

2. NatHERS MULTI-UNIT SERVICE by Archidoc (Other States and Territories)

Each other State and Territory government has their own Water and Energy efficiency regulations